RunPhones® Speakers Prices Vary


In case something happens to your RunPhones® speakers, you can now replace them easily!

These come with the same limited one-year warranty as your original RunPhones®. The Standard and Microphone and Volume Control cords are 48 inches long.

Please note that these do not come with the RunPhones® headband.

  • Standard Cord — Our original 4 foot (120cm) cord with 1/8" (3.5 mm) plug and 2 fabric wrapped thin speakers.
  • Microphone and Volume Control — The little controller on the cord has it all! You answer and talk on the phone, start and stop your music, and change the volume without fumbling for your music player in the dark.
  • Wireless Speakers (No Module) — This offers just the micro-USB short cable with speakers, with nothing else. Please note that this won't plug into most phones and is meant to be used with our wireless module.
  • Wireless Module with Speakers — Upgrade to a completely wireless headphone! This set includes the Bluetooth® wireless receiver module as well as the speakers that go with it.

Customer Reviews

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Ahead of the rest.

SleepPhones help a great deal in sleep meditation. I purchased the speaker type because I had brought previously types and so I converted those and added the standard cord to them. The others types were just ear buds or bulky speakers that hurt the ears if you laid on them. These are very flat and you do not notice them at all, no matter how you sleep. Very comfortable and great value.


These replacement speakers are very well thought out. They are well designed and the instructions are clear. I have both the cord and wireless versions, and both work really well. For the corded version, the gray cord comes as shown with a straight connector, the black cord connector bends at a 90 degree angle, which I like. I use these nightly and the cord will last over a year, depending on how you sleep. If you pull hard on the cord, it won't last as long and one speaker will eventually short out. I use the cord when sleeping and the wireless when awake / exercising.

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