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woman surrounded by a rainbow of dancing light waves is experiencing lucid dreaming while listening to binaural beats with SleepPhones headphones for sleep

On Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming is a mysterious phenomenon. Being consciously aware of our dreams—and even changing how they unfold—is even more mysterious.

woman suffering from sleep paralysis is lying in bed

How to Prevent Sleep Paralysis

Perhaps you, or a person you know, has felt it before—the chilling realization that you're awake but can't move or speak. With this feeling often comes a dark pressure, one that seems...

pie chart demonstrating the difference in time spent asleep versus time spent awake for a polyphasic sleep pattern

On Polyphasic Sleep

Polyphasic sleep is a pattern of sleep that includes many phases of rest and wakefulness throughout a 24-hour period.

woman with Seasonal Affective Disorder is sitting on a window sill with an upset look on her face and her hand on her head

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is directly related to our circadian rhythms. Inconsistency in our sleep-wake schedules can lead to depression.

couple practicing autogenic training while at the beach together

On Autogenic Training

Derived from the Greek words for "self" and "origin"—together meaning "self-generating" or "coming from within"—autogenic training is widely considered a form of self-hypnosis.

distressed woman wearing glasses and a white collared shirt is covering eyes with hands

Stress and Sleep

Our story starts with a family doctor who had experienced sleeplessness firsthand. When patient phone calls kept her up at night, she and her husband created what would become the first-ever sleep headphones.

masking tinnitus with sound

On Tinnitus

Commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears,” people who suffer from tinnitus experience buzzing, clicking, hissing, or ringing sounds in their ears despite the absence of any audible sound in the surrounding environment.

depiction of quantum healing

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing, also known as quantum therapy and quantum medicine, is a form of alternative medicine coined by Indian-American writer Deepak Chopra.

woman laying on her side in an rv with a sheet over top of her and head on pillow

5 Tips for Sleeping Better in an RV

Whether you’re sightseeing, going on a camping trip, or purchasing an RV as an alternative to buying or renting a home, many recreational vehicle owners have admitted to having difficulties sleeping in their RV.

security expert checking email

Spoofed email address

Hello! Our was spoofed to send out text messages on July 10, 2020. We have checked all of the logs, and we have not been hacked. It was simply a spoofed address. No information was actually compromised. If you received one of these text messages, please do not respond to it, do...

Does Being Stressed Make It Harder to Sleep?

Does Being Stressed Make It Harder to Sleep? Like the moon and tide, sleep and stress are intrinsically linked. In conjunction with this connection, there is also a chicken or the egg relationship...

AcousticSheep Response to COVID-19

AcousticSheep® Response to COVID-19 June 15, 2020 Dear SleepPhones Customer, Your health is our first priority. In order to protect you, we protect ourselves, which filters to our community...

Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic Link to the post that details my original analysis of the Coronavirus situation from February 28, 2020. July 7, 2020 Scientists routinely surveil flu...

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Immune System

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Immune System And the Important Role Sleep Will Play Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak The connection between lack of sleep and illness isn’t cut and dry, but there is...

Yoga Poses for Before Bed

Yoga Poses for Before Bed Yoga postures before bed have been proven to help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. If you're struggling to get to sleep in the evenings, put...

infographic which explains that tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present

What Is Tinnitus and How to Manage It

What Is Tinnitus and How to Manage It Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing noise even when there isn’t any. The perception of this sound is different for everyone. Some people experience it as a...

Wireless v Effortless

SleepPhones® Wireless v. Effortless™ They look virtually the same; so how are they different?     Where they differ, is in how you charge them!   Visually and...

11 Gadgets Your Airbnb Needs [Infographic]

11 Gadgets Your Airbnb Needs As an Airbnb host, you do whatever it takes to give your guests a great experience and earn the best reviews for your space. Having these 11 gadgets will help you...

How to Get Better Sleep for You and Your Baby

How to Get Better Sleep for You and Your Baby By: Nicole Cassey, founder and CEO of Bubbaroo Good sleep as a new parent can feel impossible.  But the good news is that you really can...

Weird to Wonderful: How I Learned to Love ASMR

My Journey: Listening To ASMR I had never heard of ASMR, the relaxing, tingly feeling brought on by triggers like whispering and tapping, before I worked at AcousticSheep. But it didn’t take...

Pregnant woman using sleepphones comfortable headphones for hypnobirthing to play calming music

Guest Post: What Exactly Is Hypnobirthing?

What Exactly Is Hypnobirthing? A unique childbirth preparation style has been making headlines since Princess Kate of the United Kingdom used it for her February 2020 birth.  Hypnobirthing...

Woman using SleepPhones® comfortable headphones to play calming music for hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing with SleepPhones® Headphones

Hypnobirthing with SleepPhones® Headphones “You’re hypno, what?” asked my husband. I had just revealed that I planned on hypnobirthing our first child in just a few short months. And like most...

Stop Sugar Cravings

Sometimes those sugar cravings are difficult to ignore! Try these 8 strategies the next time you feel yourself wanting something sweet.

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