Care Instructions

Care Instructions for SleepPhones® and RunPhones®

All of our headbands are machine washable! This is important to do from time to time to prevent the headband from stretching, which will also help to eliminate oils that may build up and weaken the polyester fibers. We recommend washing your SleepPhones® headband for every 40 hours of wear.

  1. Open the headband and remove the components (speakers, module, cord).
  2. Machine wash the headband on warm. Washing your headband in the washing machine (with standard washing detergents) and heated dryer (highest setting for at least 30 minutes) will sanitize it appropriately from virus, bacteria, and fungus. We do not recommend fabric softener. Do not iron or dry clean your SleepPhones® headphones.
  3. Insert the speakers when the band is dry. The right speaker is red and the left speaker is green. The softer gray side should be facing the ear and the coarse white side should face the opposite way.

To prolong the life of your product, we make the following recommendations:

You can find a demonstration video that will show how to properly re-insert the speakers at:

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